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about ARAL

In ARAL Industry Corporation, we believe in our continuous improvements on performances and client satisfaction.

Our vision

ARAL Industry Corporation has always been following “Business & Employees Excellence” as corporate vision, so it valuescorporate culture as an essential element that ensures the cohesion and consensus needed to ultimately reach that goal.

  • Providing added-value services and consistent improvement to support our clients.
  • Development program aim to meet increasing global demand and expand our services in world- class.
  • Emerging as a leading global player in the Oil & Gas sector, power and steel industries.
  • Meet annual plans and targets of continual growth.
  • Through performance, productivity, and efficiency.













Aral services



One of the outstanding strengths of Aral Industry Co. lies on its highly qualified, multidisciplinary teams of engineers and specialists. Most of the ARAL industry co. personnel have strong and vast experience in Oil & Gas , Power and steel industries with different backgrounds.


Aral Industry cooperation ’s procurement Department provides a full range of professional procurement services from A to Z to supply our clients including: Procurement and Supplying equipment and materials Negotiation Shipping & Logistics


Aral Industry cooperation ’s experts provide a direct monitoring and coordinate activities for design and inspection of all projects, and they care about assisting with safety and environmental compliances, quality control, contractor’s performance, and cost management.

Feasibility Study

All projects require investment in limited resources in order to achieve the project goals, our experienced engineers and financial specialists have done comprehensive reviews and checks throughout the projects, they make sure whether: It will achieve determined goals or not? It will provide project owners, Stakeholders with acceptable profit along with social and environmental considerations or not?

Repair & maintenance

ARAL Industry Corporation’s experienced maintenance engineers schedule and provide preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, mechanical fix solutions, and calibration, we also determine and supply required parts.

Project Management

Aral Industry Corporation , supports all projects coherently through project management which guarantees organizations and clients’ goals, and also their expectation will be met in each project.











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