About Aral

In ARAL Industry Corporation, we believe in our continuous improvements on performances and client satisfaction.

Our Visions

ARAL Industry Corporation has always been following “Business & Employees Excellence” as corporate vision, so it valuescorporate culture as an essential element that ensures the cohesion and consensus needed to ultimately reach that goal.


  • Providing added-value services and consistent improvement to support our clients.
  • Development program aim to meet increasing global demand and expand our services in world- class.
  • Emerging as a leading global player in the Oil & Gas sector, power and steel industries.
  • Meet annual plans and targets of continual growth.
  • Through performance, productivity, and efficiency.

ARAL Industry Corporation is committed to





Providing its clients, the highest level of services and meeting their requirements through their strength points, engineering knowledge, creative and innovative solutions.
Caring about our employees and thriving their business, being socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and maintaining high standards of health and safety.
Creating values for the clients, business partners, and shareholders.
developing Accountability, Integrity, and Teamwork at a friendly and cooperative workplace.
working based on world-class standards criteria .
promoting and rewarding on merit.


ARAL Industry Corporation, was incorporated in 2019, the headquarter is located in Tehran – Iran.

We have several offices across the country to

  • Follow and meet particular and urgent clients’ needs immediately.
  • storage, display or deliver goods faster and more conveniently
  • facilitate the process of providing services.

And Aral Industry Co. representative offices in the Middle east and Europe enable us to develop worldwide association, build the resilient supply chain, facilitate the logistics process and correspondence.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions to support Oil & Gas, petrochemical, power and steel industries which include engineering, procurement, construction, repair & maintenance, Feasibility studies, and project management.

We are a company of distinct ideas, and we have a commitment to Service Excellence, so our specialists are aware of the latest trends, technologies, and strong financial sources to keep serving our clients high-level of quality.