Health Safety Environment

We have an HSE management system with health, safety and environmental activities base d on ISO9 000 and ISO 14001 , occupational health and safety systems follow OHSAS18001 and the OHSMS guidelines.


We have applied an Assess-Plan-Do- Check-Act (A-PDCA) cycle which begins with a risk assessment. The cycle is positioned as an important process in the structure of the HSE management system. In the A-PDCA cycle, “Assess” involves risk management and the establishment of legal and other requirements, “Plan” involves the drafting of HSE Plans and Emergency Response Plans, “Do” and “Check” involves the collection and analysis of HSE-related data as well as the HSE audit , and Act in involves the management review


Aral industry Co. Health , Safety and Environmental policy .


We recognize our responsibility to sustainable development and, in this regard, we aim to protect the health and safety of all those associated with our business activities and to minimize adverse impacts on the environment.

  • Comply with all applicable HSE laws and regulations, and apply our standards where laws and regulations do not exist or areconsidered
  • Implement and maintain HSE management systems, and conduct regular audits of legal compliance and progress of our HSEactivities to achieve continuous improvement in our HSE
  • Identify and assess health and safety hazards and eliminate or, if not possible, reduce risks to as low as reasonably practicable toprevent
  • Conduct environmental assessments and promote efficient energy consumption to reduce adverse environmental
  • Maintain and regularly test emergency plans to ensure a quick and effective response in the event of
  • Provide resources that will enable our employees to meet HSE objectives and
  • Provide training in HSE activities and safe driving to ensure all employees are aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities in these areas.
  • Require contractors to manage HSE in accordance with this Policy, and to achieve agreed HSE